11 Cook Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Does the aroma of fresh bread and sizzling steaks ignite your passion? Are you a skilled cook yearning to elevate your culinary career in a vibrant and welcoming environment? Then look no further than Canada! This land, renowned for its multicultural tapestry and love affair with food, offers exciting opportunities for cooks with a path to permanent residence through visa sponsorship.

For culinary masters seeking to take their skills global, Canada presents a golden opportunity. The nation’s booming restaurant industry, coupled with a growing population, has created a significant demand for skilled cooks across various cuisines. The good news? Many restaurants are open to sponsoring talented foreign cooks, paving the way for you to work and potentially live your dream in Canada.

This blog post is your essential guide to exploring cook jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. We’ll delve into the types of cook positions in high demand, explore the visa sponsorship process, and equip you with valuable tips to increase your chances of landing your dream culinary role in the Great White North. So, sharpen your knives, fire up your passion, and get ready to embark on a delicious Canadian adventure!

11 Cook Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

  1. Sous Chef – Toronto, Ontario: A prestigious restaurant in Toronto is seeking a talented Sous Chef to join their team. The position offers visa sponsorship for qualified candidates with experience in fine dining and a passion for culinary excellence.

2. Line Cook – Vancouver, British Columbia: A bustling kitchen in Vancouver is hiring Line Cooks with experience in Asian cuisine. Visa sponsorship is available for candidates who demonstrate proficiency in cooking techniques and a willingness to learn.

3. Pastry Chef – Montreal, Quebec: A renowned pastry shop in Montreal is looking for a skilled Pastry Chef to create delectable desserts and pastries. Visa sponsorship is provided for candidates with a strong background in pastry arts and a creative flair.

4. Grill Cook – Calgary, Alberta: A popular steakhouse in Calgary is seeking a Grill Cook to prepare high-quality grilled dishes. Visa sponsorship is offered for candidates with experience in meat preparation and a passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences.

5. Prep Cook – Halifax, Nova Scotia: A vibrant restaurant in Halifax is hiring Prep Cooks to assist with food preparation and kitchen operations. Visa sponsorship is available for candidates who are detail-oriented and able to work in a fast-paced environment.

6. Pizza Chef – Ottawa, Ontario: An Italian restaurant in Ottawa is searching for a skilled Pizza Chef to craft authentic wood-fired pizzas. Visa sponsorship is provided for candidates with experience in traditional pizza-making techniques and a dedication to quality.

7. Sushi Chef – Edmonton, Alberta: A sushi bar in Edmonton is looking for a talented Sushi Chef to create beautifully crafted sushi rolls and sashimi dishes. Visa sponsorship is offered for candidates with expertise in Japanese cuisine and sushi preparation.

8. Breakfast Cook – Victoria, British Columbia: A boutique hotel in Victoria is hiring a Breakfast Cook to prepare morning meals for guests. Visa sponsorship is available for candidates with experience in breakfast service and a passion for culinary hospitality.

9. Catering Cook – Winnipeg, Manitoba: A catering company in Winnipeg is seeking experienced Cooks to prepare meals for special events and functions. Visa sponsorship is provided for candidates with strong organizational skills and the ability to work independently.

10. Ethnic Cuisine Cook – Mississauga, Ontario: An ethnic restaurant in Mississauga is looking for Cooks with expertise in specific cuisines, such as Indian, Thai, or Middle Eastern. Visa sponsorship is offered for candidates who can bring authenticity and flavor to their dishes.

11. Banquet Chef – Quebec City, Quebec: A luxury hotel in Quebec City is hiring a Banquet Chef to oversee culinary operations for weddings, conferences, and events. Visa sponsorship is available for candidates with leadership skills and experience in banquet catering.

Visa Sponsorship Process for Cooks in canada

Landing a cook job in Canada with visa sponsorship can be an exciting opportunity to launch your culinary career in a vibrant and welcoming nation. But navigating the visa sponsorship process can seem daunting. This blog post is your guide to understanding the key steps involved:

1. Secure a Job Offer with LMIA Approval: The first crucial step is securing a job offer from a Canadian restaurant willing to sponsor your work visa. Look for employers who advertise LMIA sponsorship or inquire directly about their sponsorship policies.

2. Understand LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment): An LMIA is a document issued by the Canadian government after an employer demonstrates they’ve genuinely tried to recruit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the position. This paves the way for sponsoring a foreign worker.

3. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Cooks (Optional): While not always mandatory, obtaining an ECA from a designated organization can strengthen your application. An ECA assesses your foreign cooking qualifications against Canadian standards.

4. Apply for a Work Permit with Visa Sponsorship:** Once you have a job offer and LMIA approval (if required), your employer will initiate the work permit application process on your behalf. This may involve submitting various documents like your resume, educational credentials, police certificates, and a medical exam report.

5. Medical Examination & Police Certificates: You will likely need to undergo a medical examination by a doctor approved by the Canadian government. Additionally, police certificates from your country of residence and any other countries you’ve lived in for extended periods may be required.

6. Processing Time & Landing in Canada: Processing times for work permits with visa sponsorship can vary depending on individual circumstances and workload. Once your application is approved, you can receive a work permit allowing you to enter Canada and begin working for your sponsoring employer.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Language Skills: While fluency in English or French is not always mandatory, strong language skills can significantly enhance your employability and overall Canadian experience.
  • Focus on Your Skills & Experience: During the application process, highlight your culinary skills, experience in a specific cuisine, and any relevant certifications you may hold.
  • Immigration Consultants: Consider consulting a registered immigration consultant specializing in LMIA sponsorships. They can provide personalized guidance and support throughout the visa application process.

By understanding these steps, actively seeking LMIA-sponsored jobs, and presenting yourself as a skilled and qualified cook, you’ll increase your chances of simmering up success in Canada’s culinary scene!


For cooks aspiring to work in Canada, securing visa sponsorship is often a crucial step in launching their culinary careers in a new country. With opportunities ranging from fine dining establishments to casual eateries, Canada offers a diverse culinary landscape for talented professionals to explore.

Whether you’re passionate about pastry arts, skilled in sushi preparation, or adept at grilling steaks, there are numerous cook jobs across Canada with visa sponsorship available to help you pursue your culinary ambitions.