Accurian Health: A Primer on Their Services and Offerings


As you navigate the complex healthcare system, you may become overwhelmed by the number of alternatives for treatments and insurance coverage. Accurian Health touts itself as a trusted advisor, striving to simplify your decisions with their tech-enabled platform and team of specialists. This primer provides an objective overview of Accurian’s offerings, including information on their Medicare Advantage plans, care coordination teams, and emphasis on whole-person care. You may assess whether working with Accurian meets your health and wellness goals by learning more about their provider network, supplemental benefits, and approach to care management.

An Introduction to Accurian Health.

Accurian Health is a pioneer in precision medicine, offering genetic testing and analysis to help guide tailored treatment strategies. They provide a variety of services for patients and physicians.

Accurian Health offers patients genetic screening and testing kits that can detect risks for specific health conditions. Their tests examine genes, biomarkers, and other characteristics to assess disease risk and provide the best prevention or treatment options depending on an individual’s genetic profile. Patients can be tested for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other risk factors.

Accurian Health provides genetic advice to clinicians and healthcare organizations, as well as analytics and decision support tools. Their counselors assist doctors in interpreting genetic test results and determining necessary next measures. They also offer continuing medical education in genetics and precision medicine. Accurian Health has also created clinical decision support software that allows clinicians to create personalized treatment recommendations based on patients’ genetic information.


Accurian Health’s main offers include:

  • Personalized genetic risk assessments and carrier screening
  • Pharmacogenomic testing can help guide medication selection and dose.
  • Tumor profiling and liquid biopsy assays for individualized cancer treatment
  • Digital tools for physicians include clinical decision support software and electronic health record integration.
  • Ongoing research relationships with leading hospitals, universities, and healthcare firms

Accurian Health is dedicated to increasing access to precision medicine and empowering healthcare practitioners to give the most targeted, effective care to their patients based on genetics and lifestyle. Their services strive to offer patients and clinicians with the information they need to improve health outcomes, save expenses, and improve the patient experience.

Accurian Health Services and Programs


Accurian Health provides a variety of services to satisfy the healthcare requirements of people and families. Their initiatives are intended to deliver high-quality care at a reasonable cost.

Primary Care

Accurian Health runs primary care clinics staffed by doctors, nurses, and physician assistants. Patients can receive routine care, chronic disease management, preventive health screenings, and treatment for common ailments.

Specialty Care

Accurian Health’s network comprises specialists in cardiology, endocrinology, gastrointestinal, and orthopedics. Patients receive referrals to specialists from their primary care physicians.

Urgent Care

Accurian Health’s urgent care centers provide extended hours and walk-in options for minor injuries and illnesses that require immediate attention. Patients can obtain treatment for sprains, fractures, lacerations, asthma attacks, and other problems that do not require emergency room care.

Accurian Health offers telehealth services, allowing patients to consult with healthcare providers by phone or video. Telehealth provides a convenient way to receive routine follow-up treatment, medication management, and behavioral health counseling.


Wellness Programs

Accurian Health supports population health by providing health education programs, fitness memberships, nutrition counseling, and community-based support groups. The company’s goal is to help people achieve and maintain wellbeing by promoting lifestyle modifications and self-care.

Health Insurance Plans

Accurian Health’s connected health plans offer comprehensive medical coverage to individuals, families, and employers. Plan alternatives include health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) that work with health savings accounts. Premiums and out-of-pocket charges vary according to the level of coverage chosen.

In summary, Accurian Health provides comprehensive healthcare solutions for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of health issues and wellness needs. Their numerous services and activities are aimed to improve health, quality of life, and value for the populations they serve.

Who can benefit from partnering with Accurian Health? Healthcare organizations.

Accurian Health collaborates with hospitals, physician groups, accountable care organizations, and other healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes while lowering costs. Using Accurian Health’s data analytics, population health management solutions, and care coordination services, healthcare organizations can gain actionable insights into their patient populations and implement targeted interventions to close care gaps, manage chronic conditions, reduce readmissions, and improve quality measures.

Life Sciences Companies

Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other life sciences enterprises can collaborate with Accurian Health to implement new solutions that help patients, providers, and payers improve health outcomes. Accurian Health’s real-world data, digital platforms, and clinical experience assist life sciences organizations in gathering insights, demonstrating value, and achieving commercial objectives. Partnerships may aim to improve drug adherence, enable remote patient monitoring, promote patient assistance programs, and other activities.

Health Plans

Health insurance companies can work with Accurian Health to improve quality, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements. Accurian Health’s innovative data analytics, care management programs, and technology solutions assist health plans in identifying at-risk members, closing care gaps, better managing chronic illnesses, reducing needless utilization, and improving quality metrics such as HEDIS and Star ratings. Successful agreements have resulted in considerable medical cost savings and better plan performance.

Government agencies

Accurian Health collaborates with government agencies at the federal, state, and municipal levels to improve population health, reduce healthcare costs, and promote wellness. Accurian Health’s data-driven insights, evidence-based initiatives, and new technologies can help governments improve access, care, and outcomes for vulnerable groups such as elders, low-income individuals, and those with complex healthcare requirements.

In summary, Accurian Health collaborates with a diverse spectrum of healthcare institutions to advance data-driven solutions that promote health, improve quality, and save costs. Successful partnerships make use of Accurian Health’s vast strengths in data analytics, population health management, care coordination, and health information technology.


As you can see, Accurian Health provides a wide range of services to help people achieve optimal health and wellness. From full physical exams to genetic testing and counseling, their professional clinicians strive to get a holistic grasp of each patient’s needs. While the expenses may be more than normal, the level of assessment, access to top specialists, and individualized care plans prioritize prevention and early detection. This concierge approach gives you greater control over your health journey. Taking your needs and interests into account, you can determine whether Accurian Health’s solutions are worthwhile investments for you or your family. Regardless of which path you take, the first step in living your healthiest life is to take action.