12 Farm Jobs in Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship 2024

Farm Jobs in Canada

Do you dream of wide-open skies, fresh air, and the satisfaction of working with your hands? And maybe, just maybe, that dream also involves building a new life in a stunning country? If so, then look no further than Canada’s thriving agricultural sector!

This year, Canada is offering exciting opportunities for foreign workers with our list of 12 farm jobs with visa sponsorship. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or eager to learn, there’s a perfect fit waiting for you. Get ready to experience the beauty of rural Canada while gaining valuable skills and potentially paving the way for permanent residency. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the exciting world of Canadian agriculture!

Farm Jobs in Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship

But what exactly do these farm jobs entail? Let’s delve deeper into 12 exciting roles currently in demand:

1. General Farm Worker: This versatile position is the backbone of many farms. Tasks can include:

  • Planting and harvesting crops (seeding, weeding, picking)
  • Maintaining farm equipment (cleaning, minor repairs)
  • Feeding and caring for animals
  • Irrigating fields and orchards
  • General farm maintenance (fencing, cleaning buildings)

2. Greenhouse Worker: Become an expert in controlled environments! Responsibilities often include:

  • Seeding, transplanting, and nurturing delicate plants
  • Monitoring temperature, humidity, and light levels
  • Watering, fertilizing, and pest control for greenhouse crops
  • Harvesting greenhouse produce (vegetables, herbs, flowers)

3. Dairy Farmer: Work alongside gentle giants like cows! Typical tasks involve:

  • Milking cows using milking machines
  • Feeding and caring for cows (cleaning stalls, providing fresh water)
  • Monitoring cow health and reporting any issues
  • Maintaining clean and sanitary milking equipment

4. Orchard Worker: Witness the magic of fruit trees throughout the seasons! Your duties might include:

  • Pruning branches and managing blossoms for optimal fruit production
  • Thinning fruit for better quality and size
  • Harvesting a variety of fruits (apples, peaches, cherries)
  • Maintaining orchard health through pest control and irrigation

5. Poultry Farmer: Ensure the well-being of chickens, turkeys, or other birds! Responsibilities may involve:

  • Feeding and providing fresh water for poultry flocks
  • Maintaining clean and healthy coop environments
  • Collecting eggs or monitoring meat production
  • Implementing biosecurity measures to prevent disease

6. Mushroom Farm Worker: Step into a fascinating world! Tasks on a mushroom farm can include:

  • Preparing mushroom growing substrate (compost)
  • Planting and nurturing mushroom spawn
  • Monitoring temperature and humidity for optimal growth
  • Harvesting a variety of delicious mushrooms

7. Livestock Handler: Become a caretaker for various farm animals! Your duties might involve:

  • Feeding and providing fresh water for animals (cows, pigs, sheep, goats)
  • Maintaining clean and comfortable living spaces for animals
  • Monitoring animal health and reporting any concerns
  • Assisting with breeding programs or veterinary procedures (as needed)

8. Tractor Operator: Master the art of driving farm machinery! Responsibilities can include:

  • Operating tractors for various tasks (plowing, planting, cultivating, harvesting)
  • Attaching and operating different farm implements (seeders, cultivators, trailers)
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting farm machinery
  • Ensuring safe and efficient operation of equipment

9. Crop Technician: Put your agricultural knowledge to good use! Tasks may involve:

  • Assisting with soil testing and crop planning
  • Planting seeds and seedlings according to precise methods
  • Applying fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides safely and effectively
  • Monitoring crop growth and reporting potential issues

10. Farm Mechanic: Keep the farm running smoothly! Responsibilities often include:

  • Maintaining and repairing a variety of farm machinery (tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems)
  • Performing routine maintenance checks and identifying potential problems
  • Troubleshooting mechanical issues and making repairs
  • Working with tools and equipment in a workshop setting

11. Apiary Worker: Join the world of beekeeping! Tasks can include:

  • Maintaining beehives and ensuring their proper functioning
  • Assisting with honey extraction and processing (as needed)
  • Monitoring bee health and preventing diseases
  • Contributing to the pollination of crops in surrounding areas

12. Aquaculture Technician: Work in a unique environment! Responsibilities in an aquaculture facility may involve:

  • Raising fish or other aquatic life in tanks or ponds
  • Feeding and caring for fish (monitoring water quality, oxygen levels)
  • Maintaining and cleaning aquaculture facilities
  • Harvesting fish for consumption or stocking in natural bodies of water


This detailed breakdown provides a glimpse into the diverse world of Canadian farm jobs. Remember, research specific farms that align with your interests and desired work environment. With dedication, a willingness to learn, and the support of the SAWP program, you can embark on a rewarding adventure in Canada’s thriving agricultural sector!

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